What Kind of Wood Should I Use to Build My Fence?

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What Kind of Wood Should I Use to Build My Fence?

There’s nothing like a classic wooden fence to really set off a home, and whether you are looking for security, privacy, or just want to add a little curb appeal to your yard, a wooden fence is a great choice — one that will appeal to you and your neighbors alike!

That said, not just any old wood will do, at least not if you don’t want to be a slave to maintenance. For a carefree beauty and performance, nothing can beat a cedar wood fence. Why is that, you ask? There are several reasons

  • Cedar is naturally rotted, insect and moisture resistant.
  • It looks beautiful stained and sealed or weathered naturally to a soft gray.
  • It’s strong and durable.
  • It is dimensionally stable and easy to work with.

There’s a reason that many coastal homes are sided with classic cedar shakes. Homes near the ocean have to be able to bear the brunt of coastal storms and moist, salty air — factors that can make a wood-sided home’s paint peel in no time flat.

There are also precious few materials that weather as gracefully as cedar or smell as good when they’re cut. A cedar wood fence can be stained any color you like, or as mentioned, left to weather over the years to a soft, silvery gray color. Even if aesthetics aren’t your prime concern when it comes to a fence, a cedar fence will add an upscale look to almost any home or property.

One more reason to choose a cedar fence? It can actually help keep your yard cooler in summer and warmer in winter thanks to its ability to hold natural air pockets that act as insulation!

With durability, little maintenance, natural beauty, and insect resistance, you simply can’t go wrong with a cedar fence!