The Dangers Of Hiring An Uninsured Contractor

Uninsured Contractor

The Dangers Of Hiring An Uninsured Contractor

When hiring a contractor to do work on your home, it is important to know if the contractor has insurance to cover any potential injuries or damages that may occur. An uninsured contractor could result in risk or liability on your end that you may not be prepared for. Contractors with general liability coverage ensure you are not held liable for the following hazards:

Property damage

No matter how experienced a contractor is, mistakes will happen. If a contractor is insured and accidentally cracks a floor tile or cuts a wrong pipe, repairing or replacing that part won’t be a problem. However, if a contractor is not insured and makes a mistake that they cannot afford to fix, it will either come out of your pocket or the project will be put on hold.

Injury or accident

If a contractor does not have insurance to cover any bodily injuries that may occur, liability falls into the hands of the home or property owner. This is where things can get really expensive. If an employee were to get hurt on your property without insurance, and they decide to sue for medical expenses or lost wages, you could potentially end up paying a hefty bill.

Hiring a contractor without insurance can put you at risk of legal implications and of being sued if an injury or accident occurs. Before you hire someone to do any type of work on your home, do some research to make sure they are legitimate and insured. Many contractors have reviews and comments from other customers available online that may be helpful. Have the contractor show you a copy of their insurance policy, or a copy of the proof of insurance form, so that you know they at least have general liability coverage, and there is no risk to you.



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