The Best Stain For Your Cedar Fence or Deck

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The Best Stain For Your Cedar Fence or Deck

Homeowners and property managers will go to great lengths to meticulously care for every aspect of their home. This brings up the prospect of staining areas, such as cedar fences or decks.

The first step to staining a fence or deck is to figure out what type of stain is best for cedar wood, and why. For most purposes, it has been found that the ideal stain for cedar wood is an oil-based stain. There are several key reasons for this.

The oil-based stain has been proven to act as a barrier to UV light, protecting your wood from the effects of exposure to sunlight. Other elements, such as rain and snow in many cases, are also prevented from eroding and breaking down cedar wood through the use of an oil-based stain.

While typical oil-based stains provide protection from sunlight and water, other stains water or gel-based, for example will not last as long, nor will they be as substantial or durable than oil-based stains. In many cases, using ordinary stains will warp or decompose wood quickly, while oil-based stains can help you avoid these problems and save you money in the long run.

You have plenty of choices at your disposal when it comes to choosing the right stain for your property, but there are definite benefits that you will find with oil-based stains that are uncommon to other types of stains. If you are interested in getting the best stain for your property, you can learn more about oil-based stains and what we have to offer by watching our 30-second YouTube video.