YES! A Contractor Can Do Extra Work While The Project Is On

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YES! A Contractor Can Do Extra Work While The Project Is On

As a homeowner, you always want the projects you initiate to end as you had planned. You want your agreement with the contractor to sustain the project to completion. However, certain needs that you did not anticipate might arise in the course of the project. It does not matter whether you are just renovating or putting up new structures, the need for extra work can always arise. The question is; when such needs arise, can the contractor work on them straight away?

Well, yes! The contractor can do extra work after initiating the project. However, they should involve you every step of the way. Of course, you should expect to pay for any necessities that may come with extra work, such as materials or more working hours, but the contractor should keep you in the loop and give explanations on why any extra work is necessary. Here is what to expect from your contractor before they begin any extra work:

1. Clear communication

The contract you signed with at the beginning of the contract should have a clause that addresses unforeseen changes that may arise in the course of the work. If there was no such clause, both parties; the homeowner and the contractor, must be on the same page throughout the entire process. Before the contractor begins laying a new set of conduit pipes to correct a plumbing error they had not factored in the initial contract, they have to reach out and explain to you why that is necessary. They should also tell you of the repercussions that will befall you if such work is not completed.

2. Cost of extra work

Most contractors are straightforward with their pricing; however, a contractor should not use “extra work” as a means to award him or herself undeserved perks. Your contractor must therefore explain the additional costs you will incur for any new developments.

3. Communication of new timelines

In most instances, the extra work will demand additional time. The contractor must let you know if they will be able to complete the work within the duration you agreed on previously. If the changes will take more time, they should let you know so that you can set your priorities well.

When a contractor asks to do extra work, it means a need has arisen that they did not foresee. The reason for doing any extra work is to serve you better. As a homeowner, you should look into the request and collaborate for best results. We made this video to guide you as you engage with the contractor for any extra work while a project is on.



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