Is Your Property Move-In Ready?

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Is Your Property Move-In Ready?

Whether you want to avoid the stress of a big renovation job or you need to make sure your house or apartment meets move-in ready standards, we’re here to help. Determining if a home is move-in ready or not can vary depending on who you ask; however, here are a few basic requirements to look for:

1) Electrical Appliances

All electrical appliances and wiring should be working and up to code, including any outdated electrical components or installations that might be unsafe. Remember to also check the heating, air conditioning, ceiling fans, and thermostats, along with fixtures outside the house, such as porch lights or exterior outlets.

2) Plumbing

Interior and exterior plumbing appliances should be working properly. Check for slow drainage in sinks and tubs, and make sure there are no leaks from any fixtures or pipes.

3) Windows and Doors

All windows and doors should be functional, locking and unlocking without trouble. Make sure the seals around your exterior doors are still in good shape since loose seals can lead to water damage or an unpleasant draft.

4) Fresh Paint and Flooring

A fresh coat of paint can make a home look updated and more appealing. If your house was built before or around 1978, some of the paint might be lead-based, which will need to be covered properly. Check the ceilings, walls, and floors for water damage, as they may need to be repaired or replaced. It also helps to update any old flooring that may be worn.

5) Landscaping

Take care of any landscaping needs in order to increase the home’s curb appeal. The tenants who care about a manicured lawn are going to take better care of your property in the long run.

If you live in the Austin, TX area and could use help getting your house move-in ready, call GARSC at (512)360-0480 or contact us online.  We can make sure your projects are done right the first time, at no hassle to you.

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