How To Properly Maintain Your Deck

How To Properly Maintain Your Deck

How To Properly Maintain Your Deck

Your deck can provide years of enjoyment for you and your family; but UV rays, dirt and mildew wear your deck down over time. To keep it looking as good as new, you will need to clean and reseal your deck every two to three years. A simple check you can make yourself is to see if water beads up on the wood when it’s raining. If it does, you know your deck is well sealed. If it absorbs water instead, it’s time to do some maintenance!

Getting Started

Plan your project carefully. You will need a few days of dry, warm weather to see the best results. Have the following tools and materials on hand:

  • broom
  • water hose
  • deck cleaner
  • transparent or color stain
  • pump sprayer or brush for applying the stain
  • 80 grit sandpaper

Clean your deck

Begin by repairing any damaged boards or nails, along with sanding any splintered areas with 80 grit sandpaper, if necessary. Sweep the deck thoroughly, then rinse with a water hose to get rid of any dirt or debri.

Apply the cleaner using a garden sprayer, or a stiff bristle brush or broom. Scrub with a brush to remove stains, but don’t use a wire brush as it could damage the wood. Make sure to do your research to find the best cleaner for your deck, with or without bleach.

Apply stain or sealer

Allow the deck to dry for two days before staining with transparent or color stain. The stain is intended to repel water and protect against the sun’s UV rays. Apply a second coat of stain, then allow it to dry for two more days.

Once the deck is completely dry, you can replace your furniture and enjoy your beautiful deck!

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