Common Services Provided by Your Local Handyman

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Common Services Provided by Your Local Handyman


In-depth research shows that an average homeowner in the U.S has about nine home improvement projects on their to-do lists. Moreover, at least 57% of homeowners believe that their home is a work in progress, with only 10% feeling that they were on top of all home maintenance tasks.

To complete your home renovating projects, you need to hire a local handyperson. But a lack of knowledge about what services they offer may make it challenging for you to request the right services. Let’s explore the top most common services provided by your local handyman:

Door Repair

Just like your floors experience day-to-day wear and tear, your doors are also susceptible to a high amount of damage. Often dings and scrapes start appearing on your door over time. However, these are often items that you can quickly fix on your own.

Comparatively, however, severe damage to your hardware and hinges requires the help of a handyman. Avoid dealing with an even bigger problem like a deteriorating foundation by contacting a handyman to assess your door.

If your door no longer closes properly, your local handyman might need to remove the door and readjust it or simply replace the hardware holding it in place. 

Painting and Patching

A new coat of paint remains the most popular job that needs to be done in homes, with statistics showing that
55% of homeowners had it on the top of their to-do lists.

No matter if the paint is coming off or if there’s a hole in your drywall, you’re going to need to request patching and painting services.

While you may be able to paint, you likely don’t know how to replace a drywall section. Typically, it includes the following steps:

      • Patching
      • Spackling
      • Sanding
      • Painting

The smallest scraps can ruin the aesthetic of your home. Hire a handyman to enhance the look of your rooms.

Debris Removal

Debris means an array of different kinds of junk that requires sorting, combining, and removal. It may be too much of a time-consuming task for you. Therefore, it’s always a wiser idea to contact a local handyman to provide
debris removal.

Get rid of all your debris by requesting handyman services.

Baseboard Repairs and Replacements

Your floorboards experience a high amount of traffic on a day-to-day basis. That means in time, your flooring will start losing its appeal, have holes, and can become chipped. Additionally, the trimming that covers the lower part of your interior walls can often take on damage over time.

Enjoy high-quality repairs, reinstallation, and renovation services by contacting an expert local handyman. They can remove and install brand-new floorings and baseboards to enhance the look of your home.

Deck Repairs

Patios and decks are the perfect way to make your home look classy and luxurious. These beautiful additions to your home can make your home all the more enjoyable.  

However, exposure to weather elements can take a toll on your deck’s look and performance. Typically, your deck requires residential repairing and maintenance service annually. By contacting an expert local handyman, you can rest assured they will take care of all the planning, construction, staining, and painting of your deck. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, it’s critical to have your local handyman on speed dial to ensure easy access to the services mentioned above.
When selecting a handyman, you must make sure they boast general liability insurance.

No matter if they seem professional and have experience, a handyman performing services in your home means potential risks to you and your home. In case they accidentally harm you or your property, their policy will help them cover any potential damage. 

That’s where we step into the picture. With our team of certified and highly-trained professionals, we offer experience, licensed and professional handyman services across Austin.

From applying a fresh coat of paint to repairing your deck, GARSC will help you complete all your home projects. Venture onto our website and select the services that speak to you!

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By: Kayla Gonzales, GARSC Marketing Manager