Paint Tips to Revive Your Interior Space

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Paint Tips to Revive Your Interior Space

You might have made changes to your interior space a few years back, but you’ve lately considered giving it a new look or reviving it. However, when you consider your budget, it may not allow you to make a significant investment in luxury furnishings to refresh the look of your space. It’s natural to feel an urge to make changes in your home after some time. Not to mention, it’s human instinct to get bored from the same surroundings or looking at the same décor or theme for an extended period of time. 

Changing your interior space from time to time keeps it fresh and attractive, but doing it on a budget is challenging at times. If you want to update and give your home a makeover, paint is one thing you can do on a budget. Painting your interior space in unique designs, patterns, and colors can directly impact your feelings, moods, and physiological reactions like blood flow, pulse, and anxiety. 

Here are some practical paint tips, which are easily applicable to your space and can make a real difference while requiring little money and effort. If you want your guests to fall in love with your home interior again, you might consider updating the following interior painting. 

Create a Statement Wall with Paint

Making a major transformation in your interior space is possible with a statement wall without spending too much. It can make your design appear more dynamic and rich. Paint one wall of your living room or bedroom in a playful pattern, or you can choose to paint a single wall in your space in the color of your choice. 

Paint in Horizontal or Vertical Stripes

This is one of the easiest and highly appreciated painting ideas to transform your space. You need to segment your wall into sections to create stripes. Don’t worry, as you can do it with poster tape. Once  done with this step, paint the segments in your favorite color or assorted colors. When you want to create a contrasting look using light colors, make subtle and thin stripes. In comparison, for a brighter look, keep lines thick and paint them in bold and vibrant colors –this creates visual intrigue. 

Pair Two Different Paint Finishes 

Pairing two different paint finishes can elevate your space’s look and can be cost-efficient. You can combine a little expensive finish like textured paint with plain low-cost paint. To create this pattern, draw horizontal lines on the wall you want to accent and use complementary colors to complete the look. It will give you a more dynamic and unique interior space.

Create a Spacious Feel

If you want to give a more spacious look, use lighter colors such as beige, off-white, apple-green, light-yellow, etc. These colors allow your eyes to travel all across the area continuously, making your interior space look spacious and apparent. 

Create a Cozy Space 

If you already have lighter color walls and want to create a cozier space, you can choose to paint your area in dark colors. Don’t think that darker colors make your space feel enclosed. When the trims of your walls are in lighter color while the main part of the walls have deep color, the room looks smaller. But if you paint the entire wall, including edges, in a dark color, your eyes continue to move without a break. They don’t register borders, making your space appear expansive and personable. 

Use Playful Borders to Transform Traditional Space 

Making your plain walls interesting is possible with organic, playful patterns and borders. You don’t always need to create a definite border style with paint. Experimenting with boundaries gives unique and personalized vibes to your interior space. You can use different hues of the same color or contrasting colors to paint the wall and borders. What’s more, you can paint the fireplaces, skirting board, and door in the same color as the border to keep the focus on single statement paint. 

Gloss or Lacquer Paint for Creating a Jewel-Box Effect

There are certain colors powerful enough to affect your mood directly. Even if you might be sad, they can uplift your mood and bring optimism to your space. Painting your home’s entrance with a bright mustard color using lacquer or a glossy finish creates a jewel-box effect. Moreover, it reflects light and brightens up your space. 

Use Lime Paint to Create Atmospheric Space 

You may think that lime paint is only for the bathrooms and kitchens, but it is actually great to enhance the aesthetics of any living space. It’s made from natural pigments, clay, and minerals without VOCs, making it a perfect choice for your interior space. The finish of this paint is similar to polished plaster, and the texture is absolutely amazing, which can transform your space into an inviting home. 

Highlight a Decorative Feature with Paint

Some spaces have many angles and other structural features that you don’t want to highlight. You can paint all those surfaces in a single color and highlight one unique decorative feature or trim with a different color. This downplays other ornamental features accentuating the one you want to make the focus of attention. 

Disguise Unattractive Features with Paint

Certain features in your space give an unsightly appearance. While you may not like such features, you can’t do away with them – for example, AC or heating vents. A great thing is, you can paint such eyesores in a similar color as your interior walls. This makes them blend in with your walls and appear less noticeable. 

Make Changes to the Wall Shape with Paint

If your interior has large bare walls, you can use molding and paint two different colors above and below it. Or, if your walls are narrow and long, paint the shorter walls on both ends in a darker shade than the rest of the walls. This makes your space appear closer and square-shaped. 

With these quick and practical paint tips, you can easily revive and freshen-up your interior space without going above and beyond your budget. 

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By: Kayla Gonzales, GARSC Marketing Manager