Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19): GARSC Company Update

With the development and spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have taken proactive measures and adjustments in the way we provide service to our ongoing projects. These changes are in place in order to add layers of protection and keep everyone safe and clear of possible contamination. 

Listed below are a number of precautions our team has been instructed to take when walking into homes for the foreseeable future:

  1. Wear gloves to prevent spread on contaminants (be sure to remove and dispose of properly).


  1. Sanitize hands


  1. Wear a mask if indoors


  1. Wear shoe covers


  1. Do not be in the homes longer than you need to be in order to limit exposure to any possible contaminants. 


  1. Once finished with work, discard soiled materials and disinfect as best as you can before moving onto your next job. 


  1. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and face.


  1. Maintain a 10ft distance from others while on-site as much as possible. 


  1. Greet people with a smile and refrain from shaking hands whenever possible.

We are also suggesting that tenants/homeowners not be present while our technicians are completing projects to help limit the number of people on the job site. The fewer people in any given area, the less likely the spread of anything possibly harmful. 


All of our techs have been screened and have had background checks, but the safety of our clients and staff is of utmost importance during this time. Therefore, this precaution will remain in place moving forward until deemed safe to do otherwise. We hope you understand and we are certainly willing to work with you if needed.


If one of our technicians is on a job-site where a client is displaying ANY symptoms and they do not feel safe, they have been instructed to contact the office. At which point we will reschedule that job for a later date to keep everyone safe.

If a member of our staff feels any symptoms at all of the virus, they have been instructed to let management know so that they can be removed from the schedule to perform and jobs. 


If it becomes necessary to postpone/cancel jobs as the situation regarding COVID-19 continues to progress, management will start a list of the highest priority jobs down and will reschedule them for a later date when able. 


We are taking this situation very seriously and it is our commitment to be prepared and remain safe for all of our clients and staff. We are all in this together. 


Thank you,